Reaching Your Goal Weight

When setting a goal weight the, you want to make sure that it is realistic. If the goal weight is so far reaching or unrealistic, you will probably give up or become disheartened easily. On the other hand, when you set a weight goal that is not only realistic but attainable, you can achieve it.

One step in reaching your goal weight is weighing and measuring yourself. I know with women, we do not always lose weight, but if you measure yourself you will probably be surprised to find you have lost inches. Choose a day like weigh in Wednesday and try to weigh in at the same time (remember you are lightest in the morning).

Stick to your guns! If you want to work out five days a week, work out five days a week. Make time for reaching your goal.

Remember working out is great, but you also need to be eating well. Your body is going to run as well as the food you are consuming. You wouldn’t feel your premium car with the lowest grade of fuel.

Finally, remember you are human. Cheat days are a thing, a great thing. But not everyday can be a cheat day.


How I Have Lost 3lbs in One Week

Stepping onto the scale yesterday morning, I was not sure what it would reveal. To my surprise I was at my lightest I have been since before my pregnancy. I am currently at 156 lbs with the goal of getting down to 145. Since having my baby (Alina) I have lost a total of 34 lbs- I gained over 40 lbs while being pregnant! (the recommended amount is 20-30, but I guess I am an over achiever;)

This last week I have started doing more cardio, eating more protein, and drinking more water. Let me tell you, it has paid off. For moms like me, who cannot workout without their babies, I have a baby bjorn (best gift ever!)(get your own at Amazon following this link:Amazon)and I do cardio by walking on the treadmill at 2.5-3.5 at an incline of 10-15. I readjust it as needed. 

Here is a pick of us with ours:


The major amounts of protein I get is from protein bars and protein shakes (Herbalife). I try drinking 3-4 water bottles worth of water (this is my very scientific way of calculating how much I need to drink).


Tea Time

I do not know if it is just the cold weather, but regardless I am obsessed with drinking herbal tea. My favorite at the moment is Chia tea. It warms up my insides and helps to boost my metabolism (definitely a plus). I have even been adding it to my hot chocolate for more flavor. I highly recommend this!!

For anyone wanting to try this amazing tea you can go to my website at  and order some. Tell me what you think!

Eating Habits, Exercise, and Avoid Stress

The three things that make up a happy healthy life-style are eating habits. exercise, and avoiding stress. I grew up hearing “you are what you eat,” of course at the time I thought it was just a funny saying. Now I realize how much truth there is to that phrase. When I eat junk (fast food, cookies…you get the idea) I feel like crap. On the other hand when I am drinking a lot of water, eating fruit, vegetables, and staying away from high saturated fats, sugars, sodium- I feel tons better.

Then there is exercise. When I do it, I feel great. When I do not, I feel more tired, lazy, and overall just not good.

Avoiding stress is so important for health. I know I have talked about this so much in recent posts, but I just can not stress it enough (ha puny).

How to Boost Your Metabolism

The faster a person’s metabolism, the more calories a person burns. Unfortunately as someone gets older, their metabolism tends to slow down. My metabolism started slowing down for multiple reasons: bad eating habits, stress, skipping meals, not drinking enough water, staying up late, and not getting enough sleep. I have since learned that I can reverse this, that there are ways to boost a person’s metabolism.

  • Get enough sleep! The average adult is suggested to get close to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Drink water! I can feel when I haven’t had enough water (irritable, tired, my kidneys will hurt).
  • Eat breakfast! I used to believe that if I skipped breakfast, I would lose weight. But as my mom would say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
  • Hot/Spicy foods can speed up metabolism (chilis, jalapenos..)
  • When exercising, switch up your routine. Try running at intervals or switch up your cardio (jumping jacks, jump roping, walk with an incline).

Yoga for Back Pain

Lately my back has been aching. For Christmas, we received a baby carrier (best Christmas gift!) and I use it a ton-meaning multiple times a day. This carrier is great because I can wear it when I go to the gym and I can walk on the treadmill. All the while, Alina sleeps. I am not sure if I am just developing new muscles and that is why my back and shoulders have been killing or if I am not practicing good posture while wearing the carrier. Because I am a huge Yogi fanatic, I have found a great sequence for relieving and stretching these sore muscles.

  • Cat-Cow pose, when I do this I make sure to repeat a few times and to hold each. It also feels amazing if I stay in cow and gently lean forward (I can usually pop my back).

Image result for cat cow pose yoga

  • Camel pose-relieves the stress in your back and also feels really good.
  • Downward facing dog (of course!) when doing this pose correctly, your back should be in a straight line.
  • Upward facing dog, to get that extra stretch (not only helps with back pain but also really helps to stretch the abdominal area).
  • Child’s pose

Then end in seated positions or corpse.

(Ps I was trying to get pictures of every pose but my laptop is acting up- sorry!!)


For those who have been reading my blog, I am a total yoga fanatic. I have decided to try something new (to get more toned), crossfit. It all started when I came across the crossfit games with my man. We were chilling and flipping through tv channels when we decided the games was the most interesting thing on. These girls and guys were sooo toned and ripped!! I do not want to be huge, and my hubby keeps telling me I won’t (unless I work out all day).

Crossfit is all about doing as many reps in a limited time, it’s about pushing one’s self, and getting stronger. I feel that by doing crossfit a few times a week, will be the major game changer and help me get to 20% BMI.