Reaching Your Goal Weight

When setting a goal weight the, you want to make sure that it is realistic. If the goal weight is so far reaching or unrealistic, you will probably give up or become disheartened easily. On the other hand, when you set a weight goal that is not only realistic but attainable, you can achieve it.

One step in reaching your goal weight is weighing and measuring yourself. I know with women, we do not always lose weight, but if you measure yourself you will probably be surprised to find you have lost inches. Choose a day like weigh in Wednesday and try to weigh in at the same time (remember you are lightest in the morning).

Stick to your guns! If you want to work out five days a week, work out five days a week. Make time for reaching your goal.

Remember working out is great, but you also need to be eating well. Your body is going to run as well as the food you are consuming. You wouldn’t feel your premium car with the lowest grade of fuel.

Finally, remember you are human. Cheat days are a thing, a great thing. But not everyday can be a cheat day.


How I Have Lost 3lbs in One Week

Stepping onto the scale yesterday morning, I was not sure what it would reveal. To my surprise I was at my lightest I have been since before my pregnancy. I am currently at 156 lbs with the goal of getting down to 145. Since having my baby (Alina) I have lost a total of 34 lbs- I gained over 40 lbs while being pregnant! (the recommended amount is 20-30, but I guess I am an over achiever;)

This last week I have started doing more cardio, eating more protein, and drinking more water. Let me tell you, it has paid off. For moms like me, who cannot workout without their babies, I have a baby bjorn (best gift ever!)(get your own at Amazon following this link:Amazon)and I do cardio by walking on the treadmill at 2.5-3.5 at an incline of 10-15. I readjust it as needed. 

Here is a pick of us with ours:


The major amounts of protein I get is from protein bars and protein shakes (Herbalife). I try drinking 3-4 water bottles worth of water (this is my very scientific way of calculating how much I need to drink).


Staying Healthy (5 Motivational Tips)

In these cold winter months, it can be difficult to stay healthy or even stick to clean eating and exercise. We are now in 2017 and trying to stick with health goals can be hard. Here is what I have been doing/working at;)

  1. Having good role models, having an awesome role model has really helped me to stick to my clean eating and daily exercise. I follow these amazing couples on Instagram, who are always posting gym pics and healthy food (this really helps). Then I have role models such as successful entrepreneurs who help me to stay motivated.
  2. Choose to feel good about yourself, this is probably the hardest one for me. Mostly because I find it easier to see all my flaws when I look into a mirror (my stretch marks, loose skin, lack of evident muscle , and so much more). I am working so hard-well some days are better and others not so much…but I am trying to replace these negative thoughts with positive ones ( I have lost 30 lbs since giving birth!)
  3.  Visualize how you want to feel and look, I have been working on not seeing weight as a number, and instead focusing on how I am feeling. I want to look good in a bikini (I do not want to have to throw out all my cute bikinis!) and more important, I want to have energy to work out and the amazing endorphins after.
  4. Have an awesome support team-this can make all the difference. When I was in a weight loss contest last year, the real game changer was having an awesome support team. These were people who would check in with me and congratulate me on my small achievements.
  5. Know you aren’t perfect-slip ups and relapses may happen and it is not beat yourself up over it (I am guilty of this).

All in all-LOVE yourself!!! YOu are strong, beautiful, and can do hard things!!!

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I’m Becoming Yoga Certified!!

One of my 2016 goals was to become a yoga instructor/yoga certified, and this year I am doing it! I am going through an online certification program and so far…it is fantastic!! I have learned all about the history of yoga, the meaning of different poses and what they do, and how to do the poses. Now I just have to take the test to finish my certification. I still feel like I have so much more to learn. This program was a very general yoga which means I will probably try to find future training for specifications like hot yoga or Vinyasa yoga…For the time being though, I am supper stoked and am going to start a Youtube channel where I will be teaching.

Here is a picture of me (and a friend) on the beach in Huntington, California


(the featured picture is also me)

Starting the Year: Getting into shape

Today is the second day of my fitness plan. Confession, I started the day off really well with an Herbalife protein shake with tea and worked out, then we (hubby and I) ordered pizza. It was delicious and after we both swore no more cheating (no more cheat meals). When we go grocery shopping it will be for the essentials (milk, eggs..) and healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, and proteins).

The take home message I got from this experience is that there are going to be times of weakness (cheat meals), but the more we try and make the change, the less we will crave junk food and want to eat cleaner. So with our efforts renowned, we are going to do better and eat better. I also am feeling guilty so I think I am going to try to exercise again. I am trying to keep in mind that what I do today will affect how I look and feel in a couple days, months, and years.



Postpartum Yoga

I’ve been reminded (mostly by my mom and midwife) to take it slow and allow my body time to heal. So I haven’t fully jumped into my pre-pregnant workouts. I have been doing yoga. The great thing about yoga is each pose can be made easier or harder/more advanced. My yoga practice ¬†includes forward bends, downward facing dog, plank, stretching, I have also attempted push-ups, squats, wall sits, and more stretching. I feel that yoga puts me in a place where my mind is at ease and my body is allowed to heal. Also, it feels so good to be able to stretch like I did before I was 9 months pregnant.

Yoga is great for all body types and fitness levels. Awe what would I do without yoga…

5 Exercises for Muffin Top and Stomach Tightening

My major issue with my postpartum body is extra belly skin/fat and muffin top. I have been trying to find the best workouts and so far these have been feeling like they are working:

  • Bicycle crunches-I do 3 reps of 15 (on each side)Image result for bicycle crunch
  • Side Plank/ Side dips- I hold the side plank for 15 seconds and did 3 reps of 15 side dips (on both side) these kill! So that means they must work;)
  • Russian Side Twist- I try doing 50 reps (I have to stop at 25 then silently convince myself to do another 25).
  • Regular Plank- I try doing a minute, but have to stop at 30-45 seconds. This works many major muscle groups and is a must.
  • Mountain Climbers- 3 reps of 15Image result for mountain climbers
  • Spiderman Plank- Warning this one will leave you sore (my sides kill!) I do 3 reps of 15 on both sides. You can also do this in a regular push-up position.Image result for spiderman plank
  • After these exercises I stretched for 15-20 minutes.