How I Have Lost 3lbs in One Week

Stepping onto the scale yesterday morning, I was not sure what it would reveal. To my surprise I was at my lightest I have been since before my pregnancy. I am currently at 156 lbs with the goal of getting down to 145. Since having my baby (Alina) I have lost a total of 34 lbs- I gained over 40 lbs while being pregnant! (the recommended amount is 20-30, but I guess I am an over achiever;)

This last week I have started doing more cardio, eating more protein, and drinking more water. Let me tell you, it has paid off. For moms like me, who cannot workout without their babies, I have a baby bjorn (best gift ever!)(get your own at Amazon following this link:Amazon)and I do cardio by walking on the treadmill at 2.5-3.5 at an incline of 10-15. I readjust it as needed. 

Here is a pick of us with ours:


The major amounts of protein I get is from protein bars and protein shakes (Herbalife). I try drinking 3-4 water bottles worth of water (this is my very scientific way of calculating how much I need to drink).



How to Boost Your Metabolism

The faster a person’s metabolism, the more calories a person burns. Unfortunately as someone gets older, their metabolism tends to slow down. My metabolism started slowing down for multiple reasons: bad eating habits, stress, skipping meals, not drinking enough water, staying up late, and not getting enough sleep. I have since learned that I can reverse this, that there are ways to boost a person’s metabolism.

  • Get enough sleep! The average adult is suggested to get close to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Drink water! I can feel when I haven’t had enough water (irritable, tired, my kidneys will hurt).
  • Eat breakfast! I used to believe that if I skipped breakfast, I would lose weight. But as my mom would say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
  • Hot/Spicy foods can speed up metabolism (chilis, jalapenos..)
  • When exercising, switch up your routine. Try running at intervals or switch up your cardio (jumping jacks, jump roping, walk with an incline).

Small Steps to Being a Healthier You

Lately I have been noticing weight loss trends and fails. I feel that for a majority of people who are trying to build a healthier life-style and fall short is because they try to change everything at once (eating habits, exercise, limiting food intake…). By starting small, I feel that people would have more long term success. One small step could be by instead of drinking soda pop daily, only drinking soda pop a few times during the week and then getting to the point of eliminating it all together. Drinking more water, could be another small step (a glass in the morning and with every meal, or carrying a water bottle around). Moving your body! Maybe by taking short walks (20-30 mins) and working your way up gradually. Eating healthier by packing a lunch or snacks (cutting out fast food to only a few times a month or all together). Taking your vitamins! I personally love gummy vitamins, so it is easy to remember to take. Now I take the Herbalife multivitamin, Xtracal (extra calcium), and celluloss (to rebuild cells). It can be overwhelming when you want to change your life-style so start small. Remember it is not a race and the only persons you are competing with is yourself.


Till next time…

Peace and Blessings!! Oh and Happy Halloween!!!

Hydrate! Seriously Drink Some Water:6 benefits of drinking water

  1. Water is great for weight loss-how you ask? Water can replace high calorie drinks (soda, caffeine, juices…). I know for me, when I think I’m hungry at times, I am really just thirsty.
  2. Energy!!! When you are dehydrated you are going to lack energy so when you are drinking plenty of water-it’s safe to say you are going to have more energy.
  3. Have a headache? One side affect of dehydration is headache. So drink water!
  4. Help your kidneys! One way I know I haven’t been drinking enough is when my lower back (my kidneys) hurt.
  5. Healthy Skin (who doesn’t want beautiful skin?) drinking water can clear up your skin and assist in making you look fresh and glowing.
  6. Digestion…in order for our bodies to properly digest food, we need plenty of water.                                                                             I think it is safe to say that hydration is soooooo important. I also know how hard it is to drink the right amount (8 cups a day, 1 gallon) I’m pregnant remember-bathroom breaks can be really annoying. So when I wake up in the morning I drink a glass of water. After I workout I drink 1-2 glasses of water. Then throughout the day I carry a water bottle and make sure to fill it up once or twice. It can be tough but you owe it to your body to be healthy and feel good.