Staying Healthy (5 Motivational Tips)

In these cold winter months, it can be difficult to stay healthy or even stick to clean eating and exercise. We are now in 2017 and trying to stick with health goals can be hard. Here is what I have been doing/working at;)

  1. Having good role models, having an awesome role model has really helped me to stick to my clean eating and daily exercise. I follow these amazing couples on Instagram, who are always posting gym pics and healthy food (this really helps). Then I have role models such as successful entrepreneurs who help me to stay motivated.
  2. Choose to feel good about yourself, this is probably the hardest one for me. Mostly because I find it easier to see all my flaws when I look into a mirror (my stretch marks, loose skin, lack of evident muscle , and so much more). I am working so hard-well some days are better and others not so much…but I am trying to replace these negative thoughts with positive ones ( I have lost 30 lbs since giving birth!)
  3.  Visualize how you want to feel and look, I have been working on not seeing weight as a number, and instead focusing on how I am feeling. I want to look good in a bikini (I do not want to have to throw out all my cute bikinis!) and more important, I want to have energy to work out and the amazing endorphins after.
  4. Have an awesome support team-this can make all the difference. When I was in a weight loss contest last year, the real game changer was having an awesome support team. These were people who would check in with me and congratulate me on my small achievements.
  5. Know you aren’t perfect-slip ups and relapses may happen and it is not beat yourself up over it (I am guilty of this).

All in all-LOVE yourself!!! YOu are strong, beautiful, and can do hard things!!!

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Vegan Brownies

The other night I was craving chocolate sooo bad. Unfortunately since we are trying to be healthier and eat cleaner, we did/do not have any chocolate. So I decided to make brownies and of course we were out of eggs. Being resourceful me, I began searching the internet for alternative ingredients to use in place of eggs. I discovered that you can use different oils and bananas in place of eggs. The brownie recipe I was using already called for oil so I opted for using bananas. For every egg the recipe called for I used a banana (the total being two). I was not sure how these would turn out and to my relief they were delicious! The brownies turned out supper moist and only had a slight banana taste (it was like eating chocolate banana bread minus not as strong of a banana taste). My husband thought they were gross but when we had friends over, the brownies were soon gone.

This got me thinking about switching other recipes and trying to be more vegan. My online yoga certification talks about the benefits of being a vegetarian or vegan and has really got me thinking of making the switch. Right now I have very little knowledge of veganism (is that even a word?), but small small I think I could do it. I would want to try a vegan lifestyle for at least a month and see if I look/feel any different and if it would be worth it.

Always Trying to Better Myself

I love learning. While attending DSU, the least amount of credits I ever took was 17 (the cut off was 20), I did this because there were so many classes I wanted to take. Since graduating and putting off grad school, I have started self-learning. My husband and I are starting our own business and so I have been reading a ton about small businesses, entrepreneurs, success, and sales. My world has been opened. The reason I write about this is because physical health is great, but I really believe that to be physically well one also needs to be mentally well. I am constantly trying to get stronger, fitter, leaner so why wouldn’t be doing the same mentally? This post is for those who feel stuck in a job, relationship, or just with how things are going in their life right now. You never have to settle-there are books, people, and a whole internet full of resources. So start today and everyday try improving yourself- your mental, physical, and spiritual state.

5 Ways to Effectively Handle Stress

For the longest time I have believed that stress was inedible, it was going to happen regardless of what I was doing-Wrong! Stress can be avoided and if not avoided, it can be handled.

  1. Relationships heal (when stress kills) surrounding yourself with positive people and people who you love and love you…can heal.
  2. Move, if you are not exercising daily then do other things that require you to move around. A walk in the park can really do a body a world of difference.
  3. Sleep! When you get the right amount of sleep (everyone can be different in this area so the amount that makes you feel good), you are more clear headed and can react more positive to situations.
  4. Breathe, when confronted with a stressor learn to breathe through it. Taking long deep breaths or even breathing in and holding the breath for a few seconds then slowly releasing is amazing (slows the heart down).
  5. Do something for you- paint, exercise, listen to music, anything you enjoy doing that will make you feel better (releases endorphins).

Stress Kills

One of my favorite professors at DSU would always tell my class that stress kills. I believed er to a point, thinking that she was exaggerating. As I started my yoga certification and was reading through the history of yoga, the fact that stress kills was again brought to my attention. Stress opens our minds to negative thoughts and then our bodies react. I strongly believe that illnesses and cancers can be brought on by negative thoughts/stress. I researched more information concerning stress and how it can kill us, I came across a great article for anyone who is interested (Why Stress is Deadly- In this article the author explains what happens in our bodies when we undergo stress and how it can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses.

I have always thought that stress was inedible and it can be or we can train our bodies to react differently (positive). In tomorrows post I will be writing more about how to handle stress, train a mind to react positive, and the power of relationships in healing.

I’m Becoming Yoga Certified!!

One of my 2016 goals was to become a yoga instructor/yoga certified, and this year I am doing it! I am going through an online certification program and so far…it is fantastic!! I have learned all about the history of yoga, the meaning of different poses and what they do, and how to do the poses. Now I just have to take the test to finish my certification. I still feel like I have so much more to learn. This program was a very general yoga which means I will probably try to find future training for specifications like hot yoga or Vinyasa yoga…For the time being though, I am supper stoked and am going to start a Youtube channel where I will be teaching.

Here is a picture of me (and a friend) on the beach in Huntington, California


(the featured picture is also me)

10 Go to Snacks (Healthy)

I am a huge snacker! While I was going to school, it was so much easier to pack snacks because I was always on the go (from dance to class to work and the to the gym). I quickly learned the difference between healthy filling snacks and snacks that were loaded with sugar and left me feeling hungry. These are my top 10 go to snacks:

  1. Jerky, one of my favorite snacks. Most jerky brands have a 10 to 1 protein to fat ratio. Not to mention jerky is tasty!
  2. Banana with peanut butter, potassium and protein. You can make this an easy on the go snack by buying peanut butter snack packs.
  3. Frozen grapes, my first time buying grapes they went bad before I could finish them all. I then discovered from my mom that I could freeze them and since I love chewing on ice…frozen grapes was a more filling alternative.
  4. Dark chocolate! I never liked dark chocolate when I was younger but have acquired a taste for it and now I prefer it over milk chocolate. The antioxidants in dark chocolate can increase metabolism (major plus).
  5. Veggie chips or bean chips- I like bean chips if I have dip (like artichoke dip yum my mouth just started watering) and veggie chips for when I am on the go.
  6. Carrots- I love baby carrots and sometimes I just want to chew on something crunchy.
  7. Sugar snap peas- another yummy crunchy snack food.
  8. Protein bars! my favorite kind is the Herbalife cookies and cream bar. They taste soooo good and is is really filling.
  9. Protein shake- i love these for when I just worked out and need to head somewhere.
  10. Cheese sticks, I am obsessed with cheese. It is low in calories and great source of calcium.