Yoga for Back Pain

Lately my back has been aching. For Christmas, we received a baby carrier (best Christmas gift!) and I use it a ton-meaning multiple times a day. This carrier is great because I can wear it when I go to the gym and I can walk on the treadmill. All the while, Alina sleeps. I am not sure if I am just developing new muscles and that is why my back and shoulders have been killing or if I am not practicing good posture while wearing the carrier. Because I am a huge Yogi fanatic, I have found a great sequence for relieving and stretching these sore muscles.

  • Cat-Cow pose, when I do this I make sure to repeat a few times and to hold each. It also feels amazing if I stay in cow and gently lean forward (I can usually pop my back).

Image result for cat cow pose yoga

  • Camel pose-relieves the stress in your back and also feels really good.
  • Downward facing dog (of course!) when doing this pose correctly, your back should be in a straight line.
  • Upward facing dog, to get that extra stretch (not only helps with back pain but also really helps to stretch the abdominal area).
  • Child’s pose

Then end in seated positions or corpse.

(Ps I was trying to get pictures of every pose but my laptop is acting up- sorry!!)


Vegan Brownies

The other night I was craving chocolate sooo bad. Unfortunately since we are trying to be healthier and eat cleaner, we did/do not have any chocolate. So I decided to make brownies and of course we were out of eggs. Being resourceful me, I began searching the internet for alternative ingredients to use in place of eggs. I discovered that you can use different oils and bananas in place of eggs. The brownie recipe I was using already called for oil so I opted for using bananas. For every egg the recipe called for I used a banana (the total being two). I was not sure how these would turn out and to my relief they were delicious! The brownies turned out supper moist and only had a slight banana taste (it was like eating chocolate banana bread minus not as strong of a banana taste). My husband thought they were gross but when we had friends over, the brownies were soon gone.

This got me thinking about switching other recipes and trying to be more vegan. My online yoga certification talks about the benefits of being a vegetarian or vegan and has really got me thinking of making the switch. Right now I have very little knowledge of veganism (is that even a word?), but small small I think I could do it. I would want to try a vegan lifestyle for at least a month and see if I look/feel any different and if it would be worth it.

Stress Kills

One of my favorite professors at DSU would always tell my class that stress kills. I believed er to a point, thinking that she was exaggerating. As I started my yoga certification and was reading through the history of yoga, the fact that stress kills was again brought to my attention. Stress opens our minds to negative thoughts and then our bodies react. I strongly believe that illnesses and cancers can be brought on by negative thoughts/stress. I researched more information concerning stress and how it can kill us, I came across a great article for anyone who is interested (Why Stress is Deadly- In this article the author explains what happens in our bodies when we undergo stress and how it can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses.

I have always thought that stress was inedible and it can be or we can train our bodies to react differently (positive). In tomorrows post I will be writing more about how to handle stress, train a mind to react positive, and the power of relationships in healing.

I’m Becoming Yoga Certified!!

One of my 2016 goals was to become a yoga instructor/yoga certified, and this year I am doing it! I am going through an online certification program and so far…it is fantastic!! I have learned all about the history of yoga, the meaning of different poses and what they do, and how to do the poses. Now I just have to take the test to finish my certification. I still feel like I have so much more to learn. This program was a very general yoga which means I will probably try to find future training for specifications like hot yoga or Vinyasa yoga…For the time being though, I am supper stoked and am going to start a Youtube channel where I will be teaching.

Here is a picture of me (and a friend) on the beach in Huntington, California


(the featured picture is also me)

Postpartum Yoga

I’ve been reminded (mostly by my mom and midwife) to take it slow and allow my body time to heal. So I haven’t fully jumped into my pre-pregnant workouts. I have been doing yoga. The great thing about yoga is each pose can be made easier or harder/more advanced. My yoga practice ¬†includes forward bends, downward facing dog, plank, stretching, I have also attempted push-ups, squats, wall sits, and more stretching. I feel that yoga puts me in a place where my mind is at ease and my body is allowed to heal. Also, it feels so good to be able to stretch like I did before I was 9 months pregnant.

Yoga is great for all body types and fitness levels. Awe what would I do without yoga…

Feeling in a Funk?

We all have those days where we wake up in a funk. It can be due to the weather, life, or for no see able reason. During these times it can be tough trying to be positive and fight the desire to mope. Here are some suggestions for when you are struggling:

  • Go outside and get some vitamin D (if it’s warm or sunny)
  • Yoga- you do not have to do an extreme yoga workout but maybe just try to sit in child’s pose and breathe
  • Write- what you are feeling or random thoughts
  • Draw or paint- it does not have to be good. I know for me it helps if I do something and something artistic always helps
  • Listen to music- whatever music helps you feel peace or gives you an energy boost
  • Get out of the house-go out with a friend, family, significant other or by yourself.
  • Do something you love!
  • This goes along with yoga-exercise!