Yoga for Back Pain

Lately my back has been aching. For Christmas, we received a baby carrier (best Christmas gift!) and I use it a ton-meaning multiple times a day. This carrier is great because I can wear it when I go to the gym and I can walk on the treadmill. All the while, Alina sleeps. I am not sure if I am just developing new muscles and that is why my back and shoulders have been killing or if I am not practicing good posture while wearing the carrier. Because I am a huge Yogi fanatic, I have found a great sequence for relieving and stretching these sore muscles.

  • Cat-Cow pose, when I do this I make sure to repeat a few times and to hold each. It also feels amazing if I stay in cow and gently lean forward (I can usually pop my back).

Image result for cat cow pose yoga

  • Camel pose-relieves the stress in your back and also feels really good.
  • Downward facing dog (of course!) when doing this pose correctly, your back should be in a straight line.
  • Upward facing dog, to get that extra stretch (not only helps with back pain but also really helps to stretch the abdominal area).
  • Child’s pose

Then end in seated positions or corpse.

(Ps I was trying to get pictures of every pose but my laptop is acting up- sorry!!)


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