How I Have Lost 3lbs in One Week

Stepping onto the scale yesterday morning, I was not sure what it would reveal. To my surprise I was at my lightest I have been since before my pregnancy. I am currently at 156 lbs with the goal of getting down to 145. Since having my baby (Alina) I have lost a total of 34 lbs- I gained over 40 lbs while being pregnant! (the recommended amount is 20-30, but I guess I am an over achiever;)

This last week I have started doing more cardio, eating more protein, and drinking more water. Let me tell you, it has paid off. For moms like me, who cannot workout without their babies, I have a baby bjorn (best gift ever!)(get your own at Amazon following this link:Amazon)and I do cardio by walking on the treadmill at 2.5-3.5 at an incline of 10-15. I readjust it as needed. 

Here is a pick of us with ours:


The major amounts of protein I get is from protein bars and protein shakes (Herbalife). I try drinking 3-4 water bottles worth of water (this is my very scientific way of calculating how much I need to drink).



Pregnant and Needing Energy to Workout

It is hard to workout while pregnant, especially in the third trimester. So how do I stay hydrated and energized? (without caffeine?) While working out or after my workout, I take two scoops of H3O with about 8 oz of water. The great thing about H3O is there is no caffeine. It supplies energy along with Vitamin C and E antioxidants to support and optimize a person’s workout. The key benefits are essential electrolytes (such as potassium,sodium, and magnesium) support rapid hydration and replace the electrolytes that are lost when sweating. The energy comes from a carbohydrate blend that gives the body immediate energy. So H3O quenches thirst as well as replaces lost fluids.

I love taking H3O while working out or even after (if I forget…oops). It tastes delicious and I am one of those people that I have to be drinking while working out (have you ever seen those people at the gym who never carry a water bottle or stop to get a drink at a water fountain?) So even though it can be hard to find the motivation at times to go to the gym, once I am there with my H3O, I can stick it out to the end.