How to Boost Your Metabolism

The faster a person’s metabolism, the more calories a person burns. Unfortunately as someone gets older, their metabolism tends to slow down. My metabolism started slowing down for multiple reasons: bad eating habits, stress, skipping meals, not drinking enough water, staying up late, and not getting enough sleep. I have since learned that I can reverse this, that there are ways to boost a person’s metabolism.

  • Get enough sleep! The average adult is suggested to get close to 8 hours of sleep.
  • Drink water! I can feel when I haven’t had enough water (irritable, tired, my kidneys will hurt).
  • Eat breakfast! I used to believe that if I skipped breakfast, I would lose weight. But as my mom would say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
  • Hot/Spicy foods can speed up metabolism (chilis, jalapenos..)
  • When exercising, switch up your routine. Try running at intervals or switch up your cardio (jumping jacks, jump roping, walk with an incline).

5 Ways to Effectively Handle Stress

For the longest time I have believed that stress was inedible, it was going to happen regardless of what I was doing-Wrong! Stress can be avoided and if not avoided, it can be handled.

  1. Relationships heal (when stress kills) surrounding yourself with positive people and people who you love and love you…can heal.
  2. Move, if you are not exercising daily then do other things that require you to move around. A walk in the park can really do a body a world of difference.
  3. Sleep! When you get the right amount of sleep (everyone can be different in this area so the amount that makes you feel good), you are more clear headed and can react more positive to situations.
  4. Breathe, when confronted with a stressor learn to breathe through it. Taking long deep breaths or even breathing in and holding the breath for a few seconds then slowly releasing is amazing (slows the heart down).
  5. Do something for you- paint, exercise, listen to music, anything you enjoy doing that will make you feel better (releases endorphins).

7 Tips for Better Sleep

  1. Setting a schedule- meaning, going to bed at the same time every night or even having a routine that you do before going to bed. I always brush my teeth, lather up with lotion, and read before going to sleep.
  2. Stretching before bed- I need to get better at remembering to do this. When I do stretch before bed my body feels so much more relaxed and it is easier to fall asleep.
  3. Drinking Herbal tea before bed-I do this whenever I am sick and it does wonders.
  4. Meditate- I have actually fallen asleep in yoga classes because of meditating at the end of practice. Meditating calms the mind and body.
  5. Exercise! Exercising during the day always helps me sleep better. I feel that this has to do with your body needing time to rebuild and heal muscles.
  6. Create a calm environment- For me I have to sleep with a fan on for noise and it helps when the room is dark.
  7. Reading- I mentioned I do this in my nightly routine, reading before falling asleep helps my eyes to get tired and helps my body relax.

Sleep is so important so make sure you are getting enough!!

Till next time-Peace!

Sleep Decreases Negative Emotions

While looking through Pinterest today, I came across a random psychology fact that getting more sleep decreases a person’s chance of experiencing and being affected by negative emotions. I feel that this stuck out to me so much because I am in the last stretch of my pregnancy and sleep does not always come easy. I have a fitbit that I have been using to track my sleep and it is interesting to me to see how many times I am awake, restless, or in a deep sleep (REM). Yesterday I did not get enough sleep and I did find myself in more of a funk and in a mood where I did not want to be happy. Sleep is so important! I need to do some research to find ways to help me sleep better at night. My fear is that once the baby comes I won’t be able to get much sleep and as a result be more prone to negative emotions. Ugh! Lucky for me, I have a great husband who will be helping me. I honestly have no idea how single parents do it-you are all amazing and I admire you. So my take home message is to get sleep! The world is negative enough, we have to wake up every morning refreshed and ready to fight off the negative Nancys.

Tomorrow’s post will be on how to get better sleep-I need to do some research first.

Until then-Peace!!sleep,