Always Trying to Better Myself

I love learning. While attending DSU, the least amount of credits I ever took was 17 (the cut off was 20), I did this because there were so many classes I wanted to take. Since graduating and putting off grad school, I have started self-learning. My husband and I are starting our own business and so I have been reading a ton about small businesses, entrepreneurs, success, and sales. My world has been opened. The reason I write about this is because physical health is great, but I really believe that to be physically well one also needs to be mentally well. I am constantly trying to get stronger, fitter, leaner so why wouldn’t be doing the same mentally? This post is for those who feel stuck in a job, relationship, or just with how things are going in their life right now. You never have to settle-there are books, people, and a whole internet full of resources. So start today and everyday try improving yourself- your mental, physical, and spiritual state.


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