Eating Habits, Exercise, and Avoid Stress

The three things that make up a happy healthy life-style are eating habits. exercise, and avoiding stress. I grew up hearing “you are what you eat,” of course at the time I thought it was just a funny saying. Now I realize how much truth there is to that phrase. When I eat junk (fast food, cookies…you get the idea) I feel like crap. On the other hand when I am drinking a lot of water, eating fruit, vegetables, and staying away from high saturated fats, sugars, sodium- I feel tons better.

Then there is exercise. When I do it, I feel great. When I do not, I feel more tired, lazy, and overall just not good.

Avoiding stress is so important for health. I know I have talked about this so much in recent posts, but I just can not stress it enough (ha puny).


5 Ways to Effectively Handle Stress

For the longest time I have believed that stress was inedible, it was going to happen regardless of what I was doing-Wrong! Stress can be avoided and if not avoided, it can be handled.

  1. Relationships heal (when stress kills) surrounding yourself with positive people and people who you love and love you…can heal.
  2. Move, if you are not exercising daily then do other things that require you to move around. A walk in the park can really do a body a world of difference.
  3. Sleep! When you get the right amount of sleep (everyone can be different in this area so the amount that makes you feel good), you are more clear headed and can react more positive to situations.
  4. Breathe, when confronted with a stressor learn to breathe through it. Taking long deep breaths or even breathing in and holding the breath for a few seconds then slowly releasing is amazing (slows the heart down).
  5. Do something for you- paint, exercise, listen to music, anything you enjoy doing that will make you feel better (releases endorphins).

Starting the Year: Getting into shape

Today is the second day of my fitness plan. Confession, I started the day off really well with an Herbalife protein shake with tea and worked out, then we (hubby and I) ordered pizza. It was delicious and after we both swore no more cheating (no more cheat meals). When we go grocery shopping it will be for the essentials (milk, eggs..) and healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, and proteins).

The take home message I got from this experience is that there are going to be times of weakness (cheat meals), but the more we try and make the change, the less we will crave junk food and want to eat cleaner. So with our efforts renowned, we are going to do better and eat better. I also am feeling guilty so I think I am going to try to exercise again. I am trying to keep in mind that what I do today will affect how I look and feel in a couple days, months, and years.



5 Exercises for Muffin Top and Stomach Tightening

My major issue with my postpartum body is extra belly skin/fat and muffin top. I have been trying to find the best workouts and so far these have been feeling like they are working:

  • Bicycle crunches-I do 3 reps of 15 (on each side)Image result for bicycle crunch
  • Side Plank/ Side dips- I hold the side plank for 15 seconds and did 3 reps of 15 side dips (on both side) these kill! So that means they must work;)
  • Russian Side Twist- I try doing 50 reps (I have to stop at 25 then silently convince myself to do another 25).
  • Regular Plank- I try doing a minute, but have to stop at 30-45 seconds. This works many major muscle groups and is a must.
  • Mountain Climbers- 3 reps of 15Image result for mountain climbers
  • Spiderman Plank- Warning this one will leave you sore (my sides kill!) I do 3 reps of 15 on both sides. You can also do this in a regular push-up position.Image result for spiderman plank
  • After these exercises I stretched for 15-20 minutes.

Getting Back to Pre-Pregnant Body

It has now been a week since I gave birth to Alina, which means I have had a week to recover. I am surprisingly feeling really good, a little sleep deprived, but overall…It feels so good to finally be losing weight instead of gaining. I have already lost close to 20 pounds. I want to get back to my pre-pregnant body. It has been hard finding time to exercise with a newborn so I need to come up with a plan. Any ideas? I have also switched to only at home workouts because I do not want to leave my baby or take her out in public (maybe I’ll go to the gym and take her when she is a few months older).

So far I have been doing short yoga workouts and stretching as much as I can (not having a huge belly is amazing!). I feel that I have more respect and love for my body now. This is due to the knowledge that I am strong enough to carry and deliver a baby and then being the heaviest I have ever been….it’s humbling for sure.

My goal is to workout at least five times a week and stretch every night before going to sleep. Okay now that I have written my goal down… I have to do it 🙂

Exercise During the Holidays

As the weather continues to get colder, it is hard to leave the house for anything. In the summer, I feel that it is easy to go outdoors and get physical exercise. No wonder people gain weight in the winter months. I have started working out at home. I alternate yoga practice with muscle strengthening. I search for different workouts (without weights) on Pinterest. I love Pinterest for its easy accessibility and information. Sometimes while working out I will put on a movie or else if I am doing yoga I will listen to calm meditation music.

The winter months are no excuse to put off being healthy or making healthy choices. While continuing to make healthy choices (exercising), there will be no need to worry about having a summer bod come summer.

Love you all-Peace

7 Tips for Better Sleep

  1. Setting a schedule- meaning, going to bed at the same time every night or even having a routine that you do before going to bed. I always brush my teeth, lather up with lotion, and read before going to sleep.
  2. Stretching before bed- I need to get better at remembering to do this. When I do stretch before bed my body feels so much more relaxed and it is easier to fall asleep.
  3. Drinking Herbal tea before bed-I do this whenever I am sick and it does wonders.
  4. Meditate- I have actually fallen asleep in yoga classes because of meditating at the end of practice. Meditating calms the mind and body.
  5. Exercise! Exercising during the day always helps me sleep better. I feel that this has to do with your body needing time to rebuild and heal muscles.
  6. Create a calm environment- For me I have to sleep with a fan on for noise and it helps when the room is dark.
  7. Reading- I mentioned I do this in my nightly routine, reading before falling asleep helps my eyes to get tired and helps my body relax.

Sleep is so important so make sure you are getting enough!!

Till next time-Peace!