Reaching Your Goal Weight

When setting a goal weight the, you want to make sure that it is realistic. If the goal weight is so far reaching or unrealistic, you will probably give up or become disheartened easily. On the other hand, when you set a weight goal that is not only realistic but attainable, you can achieve it.

One step in reaching your goal weight is weighing and measuring yourself. I know with women, we do not always lose weight, but if you measure yourself you will probably be surprised to find you have lost inches. Choose a day like weigh in Wednesday and try to weigh in at the same time (remember you are lightest in the morning).

Stick to your guns! If you want to work out five days a week, work out five days a week. Make time for reaching your goal.

Remember working out is great, but you also need to be eating well. Your body is going to run as well as the food you are consuming. You wouldn’t feel your premium car with the lowest grade of fuel.

Finally, remember you are human. Cheat days are a thing, a great thing. But not everyday can be a cheat day.


I’m Becoming Yoga Certified!!

One of my 2016 goals was to become a yoga instructor/yoga certified, and this year I am doing it! I am going through an online certification program and so far…it is fantastic!! I have learned all about the history of yoga, the meaning of different poses and what they do, and how to do the poses. Now I just have to take the test to finish my certification. I still feel like I have so much more to learn. This program was a very general yoga which means I will probably try to find future training for specifications like hot yoga or Vinyasa yoga…For the time being though, I am supper stoked and am going to start a Youtube channel where I will be teaching.

Here is a picture of me (and a friend) on the beach in Huntington, California


(the featured picture is also me)