Eating Habits, Exercise, and Avoid Stress

The three things that make up a happy healthy life-style are eating habits. exercise, and avoiding stress. I grew up hearing “you are what you eat,” of course at the time I thought it was just a funny saying. Now I realize how much truth there is to that phrase. When I eat junk (fast food, cookies…you get the idea) I feel like crap. On the other hand when I am drinking a lot of water, eating fruit, vegetables, and staying away from high saturated fats, sugars, sodium- I feel tons better.

Then there is exercise. When I do it, I feel great. When I do not, I feel more tired, lazy, and overall just not good.

Avoiding stress is so important for health. I know I have talked about this so much in recent posts, but I just can not stress it enough (ha puny).


Do What Makes You HAPPY!!

I get people who ask me all the time why I do Herbalife and why I am a distributor. For me the answer is easy, I absolutely love Herbalife products. I love the way I feel and the results I get (energy, nutrition, my fitness goals…). I sale/ distribute Herbalife because I want to share with others my own results. As a society we get caught up in having a job and the need for a job. I feel like we forget to enjoy life- a job should not be just a job. Why can’t a job be fun?? I have worked as a gas attendant, waitress, youth mentor, sales, nanny, and car wash. I have never really fully enjoyed any of these jobs and quickly lost interest. I felt like I was betraying myself because it was not me and it was not things that I truly enjoyed. As an Herbalife distributor, I work from home. I decide my own hours. I work as much or as little as I want (depending on the day). And I am constantly working on myself (how to be a better people person, business skills, motivational…). I love that I get to talk to people everyday about health.

Life is too short… Do not waste it doing something you do not love or something that does not make you happy. Spread the positive energy!!

Till tomorrow-Peace!