Reaching Your Goal Weight

When setting a goal weight the, you want to make sure that it is realistic. If the goal weight is so far reaching or unrealistic, you will probably give up or become disheartened easily. On the other hand, when you set a weight goal that is not only realistic but attainable, you can achieve it.

One step in reaching your goal weight is weighing and measuring yourself. I know with women, we do not always lose weight, but if you measure yourself you will probably be surprised to find you have lost inches. Choose a day like weigh in Wednesday and try to weigh in at the same time (remember you are lightest in the morning).

Stick to your guns! If you want to work out five days a week, work out five days a week. Make time for reaching your goal.

Remember working out is great, but you also need to be eating well. Your body is going to run as well as the food you are consuming. You wouldn’t feel your premium car with the lowest grade of fuel.

Finally, remember you are human. Cheat days are a thing, a great thing. But not everyday can be a cheat day.


Eating Habits, Exercise, and Avoid Stress

The three things that make up a happy healthy life-style are eating habits. exercise, and avoiding stress. I grew up hearing “you are what you eat,” of course at the time I thought it was just a funny saying. Now I realize how much truth there is to that phrase. When I eat junk (fast food, cookies…you get the idea) I feel like crap. On the other hand when I am drinking a lot of water, eating fruit, vegetables, and staying away from high saturated fats, sugars, sodium- I feel tons better.

Then there is exercise. When I do it, I feel great. When I do not, I feel more tired, lazy, and overall just not good.

Avoiding stress is so important for health. I know I have talked about this so much in recent posts, but I just can not stress it enough (ha puny).

Vegan Brownies

The other night I was craving chocolate sooo bad. Unfortunately since we are trying to be healthier and eat cleaner, we did/do not have any chocolate. So I decided to make brownies and of course we were out of eggs. Being resourceful me, I began searching the internet for alternative ingredients to use in place of eggs. I discovered that you can use different oils and bananas in place of eggs. The brownie recipe I was using already called for oil so I opted for using bananas. For every egg the recipe called for I used a banana (the total being two). I was not sure how these would turn out and to my relief they were delicious! The brownies turned out supper moist and only had a slight banana taste (it was like eating chocolate banana bread minus not as strong of a banana taste). My husband thought they were gross but when we had friends over, the brownies were soon gone.

This got me thinking about switching other recipes and trying to be more vegan. My online yoga certification talks about the benefits of being a vegetarian or vegan and has really got me thinking of making the switch. Right now I have very little knowledge of veganism (is that even a word?), but small small I think I could do it. I would want to try a vegan lifestyle for at least a month and see if I look/feel any different and if it would be worth it.

Starting the Year: Getting into shape

Today is the second day of my fitness plan. Confession, I started the day off really well with an Herbalife protein shake with tea and worked out, then we (hubby and I) ordered pizza. It was delicious and after we both swore no more cheating (no more cheat meals). When we go grocery shopping it will be for the essentials (milk, eggs..) and healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, and proteins).

The take home message I got from this experience is that there are going to be times of weakness (cheat meals), but the more we try and make the change, the less we will crave junk food and want to eat cleaner. So with our efforts renowned, we are going to do better and eat better. I also am feeling guilty so I think I am going to try to exercise again. I am trying to keep in mind that what I do today will affect how I look and feel in a couple days, months, and years.



What to Eat? My Postpartum Lack of Appetite

I do not know if other women find themselves lacking an appetite after giving birth and continuing on in the postpartum weeks. I find myself not hungry, forgetting to eat, or just not having time (what is more important peeing, sleeping, or eating?). My baby just wants to be held and I love snuggling with her. This just means that when she is happy or sleeping in my arms, I will either work on my blog or business (not eat). I try to have snacks in the house so I can just grab something, but I do not feel that granola bars and cheese sticks are giving me the calories I need.

Does anyone have ideas or advice???


Wight Gain During the Holidays

The average American gains 5-10 pounds from Halloween to the New Year. When I read this I was not surprised. It is so common and acceptable to gain weight during the holidays. The holidays are full of delicious sweets and delicacies. So what to do? How to avoid weight gain? Some ideas that I have used in the past and will use this year are eating small meals or protein filled snacks before any large meal. Start everyday with a good workout (get your blood flowing and the calories burning). Try not to overeat. This could mean only having one plate and not going for seconds. If you do find yourself overeating- do not be hard on yourself, it happens. It just means that if you eat any more that day try to make it light and choose protein. For me it is always helpful to remember that your body is 70% what you eat. Choose healthy foods- protein, fiber, fruit, vegetables, and eat less sweets.

I will be posting more on how to stay healthy during the holidays so stay tuned!!



How Can I Help Someone With an Eating Disorder???

Last minute/spur of the moment, my husband and his friends decided to drive to California because their voting ballots were lost in the mail. I decided to go with them and get dropped off at my parent’s house near St. George, UT. It has been so good being home! My older sister (by two years) does not work on Mondays, so we were able to spend all Monday together. I could not help but notice that she has lost weight-she is already really skinny. When she was in high school, she developed an eating disorder. She would skip meals. Being the younger sister, I also developed an eating disorder because heaven forbid I weigh more than her. After high school I figured that we both had grown out of it. I had mostly accepted my body type and weight (I am 5’7″ and my comfortable weight is around 130-135). My sister is 5’4″ and I accepted the fact that she would always weight less than me. She left for 18 months on a service mission and I remember writing her and her telling me that her biggest fear was gaining weight. I learned after she came home that she would force herself to throw up after big meals (purge). She came home weighing less than she had when she left.

Since then she has lost even more weight. I asked her yesterday how much she weighed, just out of curiosity, she hesitated and then said 113. I am pretty sure she lied and weighs less. I have no idea what to do. She does not look healthy. I was talking to my mom and we are both worried that she is still purging and restricting her calorie intake. I have no idea how to confront her. If any one has any ideas please PLEASE let me know.