Stress Kills

One of my favorite professors at DSU would always tell my class that stress kills. I believed er to a point, thinking that she was exaggerating. As I started my yoga certification and was reading through the history of yoga, the fact that stress kills was again brought to my attention. Stress opens our minds to negative thoughts and then our bodies react. I strongly believe that illnesses and cancers can be brought on by negative thoughts/stress. I researched more information concerning stress and how it can kill us, I came across a great article for anyone who is interested (Why Stress is Deadly- In this article the author explains what happens in our bodies when we undergo stress and how it can lead to Type 2 Diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses.

I have always thought that stress was inedible and it can be or we can train our bodies to react differently (positive). In tomorrows post I will be writing more about how to handle stress, train a mind to react positive, and the power of relationships in healing.


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