5 Ways to Effectively Handle Stress

For the longest time I have believed that stress was inedible, it was going to happen regardless of what I was doing-Wrong! Stress can be avoided and if not avoided, it can be handled.

  1. Relationships heal (when stress kills) surrounding yourself with positive people and people who you love and love you…can heal.
  2. Move, if you are not exercising daily then do other things that require you to move around. A walk in the park can really do a body a world of difference.
  3. Sleep! When you get the right amount of sleep (everyone can be different in this area so the amount that makes you feel good), you are more clear headed and can react more positive to situations.
  4. Breathe, when confronted with a stressor learn to breathe through it. Taking long deep breaths or even breathing in and holding the breath for a few seconds then slowly releasing is amazing (slows the heart down).
  5. Do something for you- paint, exercise, listen to music, anything you enjoy doing that will make you feel better (releases endorphins).

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