10 Go to Snacks (Healthy)

I am a huge snacker! While I was going to school, it was so much easier to pack snacks because I was always on the go (from dance to class to work and the to the gym). I quickly learned the difference between healthy filling snacks and snacks that were loaded with sugar and left me feeling hungry. These are my top 10 go to snacks:

  1. Jerky, one of my favorite snacks. Most jerky brands have a 10 to 1 protein to fat ratio. Not to mention jerky is tasty!
  2. Banana with peanut butter, potassium and protein. You can make this an easy on the go snack by buying peanut butter snack packs.
  3. Frozen grapes, my first time buying grapes they went bad before I could finish them all. I then discovered from my mom that I could freeze them and since I love chewing on ice…frozen grapes was a more filling alternative.
  4. Dark chocolate! I never liked dark chocolate when I was younger but have acquired a taste for it and now I prefer it over milk chocolate. The antioxidants in dark chocolate can increase metabolism (major plus).
  5. Veggie chips or bean chips- I like bean chips if I have dip (like artichoke dip yum my mouth just started watering) and veggie chips for when I am on the go.
  6. Carrots- I love baby carrots and sometimes I just want to chew on something crunchy.
  7. Sugar snap peas- another yummy crunchy snack food.
  8. Protein bars! my favorite kind is the Herbalife cookies and cream bar. They taste soooo good and is is really filling.
  9. Protein shake- i love these for when I just worked out and need to head somewhere.
  10. Cheese sticks, I am obsessed with cheese. It is low in calories and great source of calcium.

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