Sugar Dangers

I recently watched a video on the dangers of sugar. I was going through my FaceBook feed and one of my friends posted it. The video basically said that sugar is dangerous to our health. This video really got me thinking and now I am reading all my food labels and freaking out. Sugar is the number one ingredient in so many foods (nutella, cereal, breads..). I have then been reading articles about what sugar does to our bodies. I learned that when we consume sugar our bodies release enzymes to break down the sugar. The sugar is broken down into one of two molecules: glucose and fructose.

The majority of our added sugars come from sugar cane or sugar beets which are equal part glucose and fructose.

As glucose goes through your small intestine it triggers the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin is a hormone that grabs glucose from your blood and then delivers to our bodies cells to be used as energy. The negative /scary side to this is that many of our sweets are loaded with glucose which gives our bodies a quick high and our brains counter with serotonin (our bodies natural drug for sleep regulation). Hence we have a sugar high and then crash. Insulin also blocks the production of leptin (known as the “hunger hormone) this tells our brains when we are full. So the higher the insulin levels the hungrier we will be.

There is so much more that is happening to our bodies when we consume high levels of sugar, I recommend looking into them and being aware of how much sugar you are consuming. Learning all this new information, I now want to try to start taking out unnecessary sugar from my diet.


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