Choose to be Positive: How to surround yourself with positive energy (5 tips)

Recently, I have had some really great conversations with friends and family concerning energy (positive and negative). Everyday we have a choice, to be positive or give in to the negative. It is our own mind that decides whether to be stressed or react to situations with stress/anger. Here are some ideas on how to surround yourself with positive energy:

  • Meditate/Mindfulness (I have mentioned this in past posts) start your day, end your day, or any time in the day to meditate. Relax your conscience and focus on how your body feels (what are you feeling? does your body hurt anywhere?)
  • Be nice! Treat everyone the way they want to be treated (we all have different preferences, some people want space, others want conversation, a hug…)
  • Let go of the things you cannot control- this is probably the hardest one for me because I am really neurotic and want to control every aspect of my life. This only gives me anxiety and stress…so let go.
  • See the glass half full- choose to see positive in people, situations, and your current life situation. Example: today it is snowing so much (4-7 inches) and we do not have a vehicle with 4-wheel drive…at the same time we have a warm apartment and no need to drive anywhere. It is really calm and peaceful-being all cozy inside while watching the snow fall.
  • Do not stress about the future-this goes along with letting go, stressing about the future now is not going to do anything besides creating negative energy.

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