Falling Short…

This month has been crazy and I have not accomplished everything I would have liked to (fitness and work wise). Today I am feeling really down and like a failure. I feel like nothing has been working for me lately. Customers aren’t buying product. I am still gaining weight from my pregnancy. I have stretch marks. I feel fat. Days like today I wonder why I even try…then I remember everything I have. I have an amazing husband. I am carrying a child. I am going to be a mother. I have so much to be grateful for. So this month did not go as planned and that sucks. On the bright side I have another month to improve my health, my relationships, my stay-at-home job, and myself.

Too often, I will find myself looking at everything I do not have or everything I am not…When I should be looking at everything I am and how far I have come. Life is not easy. Being successful is not easy. But to have a dream and passion can be easy. So here is to working harder and staying motivated.




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