First Snow Fall!!

It snowed for the very first time Sunday!! Then it melted and snowed again last night. I have mixed emotions about the snow. As a little kid I always loved the snow because it meant playing outside, Christmas, possible cancelation of school, and hot chocolate. Now as an adult, who has to drive in it, snow means being cold. Cold vehicles, wet/cold feet, no sun, inside, and coats.

Today I was able to be more positive about the weather. First I woke up to white (snow is beautiful), then I made myself a hot Herbalife shake (pumpkin spice with dulce de leche and chocolate protein- a party in my mouth!), and then we (my husband and I) to the gym. At the gym, I was able to warm up and just feel good. So although the cold is not fun, snow does not have to be a bad thing. I am hoping to continue having positive thoughts with the snow:)


Love!! Oh and Happy Cyber Monday!


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