Exercise During the Holidays

As the weather continues to get colder, it is hard to leave the house for anything. In the summer, I feel that it is easy to go outdoors and get physical exercise. No wonder people gain weight in the winter months. I have started working out at home. I alternate yoga practice with muscle strengthening. I search for different workouts (without weights) on Pinterest. I love Pinterest for its easy accessibility and information. Sometimes while working out I will put on a movie or else if I am doing yoga I will listen to calm meditation music.

The winter months are no excuse to put off being healthy or making healthy choices. While continuing to make healthy choices (exercising), there will be no need to worry about having a summer bod come summer.

Love you all-Peace


One thought on “Exercise During the Holidays

  1. Right there with you :)) And I like to put on my own music during my fav yoga video too bc i I basically have the moves memorized bc I’ve done it so many times. It’s more power yoga though so i like some upbeat music w/it! Thx for the reminder to stay on track during holidays

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