Weekend with the Family

So I missed posting on Thursday and Friday last week because my husband and I went out of town. We had pre-Thanksgiving with my family at Midway, Utah. I had never been to Midway before and was pleasantly surprised. Midway is up in the mountains past Park City. The hard thing about being around family,especially during the holidays, is not working out. My family is big on eating, we eat when we socialize, watch movies, and so on. This weekend was hard because we did not have a gym to go to and I was constantly snacking on something. Luckily my husband and I were able to go for a hike on Friday. It was beautiful day, sunny and warm. I felt tons better after hiking for, I believe we went 2 miles, an hour. Can I say I am so ready to have this baby and get fit again. I felt so out of shape hiking and then after our hike I was exhausted. A power nap later (30mins) I was feeling better.

This week I have vowed to do better (eat healthier, sleep better, exercise, and drink more water).



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