Media: what influences you?

I just finished peer reviewing a paper of my husbands on media. For his class he was given the assignment of changing some of his habits regarding media (limiting the amount, not watching anything that contained sexual content, bad language, or violence, as well as gaming, music). I do not think I fully realized how much daily media affects our health, mind, and/or attitude. I have grown more aware of the negativity portrayed on social media, news stations, and even the radio. No wonder people are more prone to feelings of negativity, how can we not be when we are constantly being exposed to it. So much of it occurs subconsciously too. In psychology, it is referred to as “priming.” With all the negative influences of media, we are being primed to react a certain way. For example, violent video games can prime individuals to react to situations more aggressively or even violently (there are a number of studies conducted that suggest this).

So what are you allowing in your life? What is influencing you? My advice to to just be more aware of the movies, tv shows, music, games, social media, and music you allow in. Then make the switch. I have often read “a lion surrounds him/herself with other lions”, I feel that it is the same concept with media. If you want to be more positive, you need to surround yourself with positive things. Hope this was helpful…

Peace and blessings all!


12 thoughts on “Media: what influences you?

  1. Oh sooo true Carlee.. I rarely watch the news or buy newspapers anymore as they are always putting such a ‘negative slant’ on life… I’m a great believer in “What you focus on is what you get” and I do worry about the impact on our younger generation about the ‘indoctrination’ on them of the images they see through the media every day… Thanks for highlighting this important issue and also for following my blog – I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.. x

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  2. When I was growing up there was no television. We had a radio but were only allowed to listen to one program weekly. My parents always had music going on it. When we finally did get a TV we were told it belonged to my parents, just like the telephone we had to ask permission to use either one. We played outdoors or went to the library to get books to read. We did have games like Parcheese, Clue, Monopoly, Checkers, Chess and Scrabble.
    I myself did not let my children watch any violence on television when they were young and video games just started being marketed. Perhaps we were the lucky ones?
    I am now a grandmother and my favorite programs are Antique Road Show and the Golden Girls. Love listening to music too. Hate any kind of violence or horror shows. I watch the news occasionally but do read about it in the news paper and on the internet.
    Reading your post was interesting, I wonder if my upbringing has anything to do with all of the above.
    What do you think?
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    1. I think that is great. One of my biggest fears as a parent is that I won’t be able to shield my kids from all the negative media. Of course though I can by not allowing violent movies or video games,and pushing my kids to play outside more than inside. I also hate violent movies and shows and just do not like the way they make me feel. Thank you so much for commenting. I hope you also have a great Thanksgiving!

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