Feeling in a Funk?

We all have those days where we wake up in a funk. It can be due to the weather, life, or for no see able reason. During these times it can be tough trying to be positive and fight the desire to mope. Here are some suggestions for when you are struggling:

  • Go outside and get some vitamin D (if it’s warm or sunny)
  • Yoga- you do not have to do an extreme yoga workout but maybe just try to sit in child’s pose and breathe
  • Write- what you are feeling or random thoughts
  • Draw or paint- it does not have to be good. I know for me it helps if I do something and something artistic always helps
  • Listen to music- whatever music helps you feel peace or gives you an energy boost
  • Get out of the house-go out with a friend, family, significant other or by yourself.
  • Do something you love!
  • This goes along with yoga-exercise!

One thought on “Feeling in a Funk?

  1. I found myself in QUITE the funk on Wednesday (hmmm…I wonder why….). I didn’t go work. I didn’t want my typical two cups of coffee. I was so, well, meh. Luckily my Love had tickets for us to go to a show downtown and I forced myself to honor those plans. I’m glad I went through with our date. It made me feel so much better to see people at ease. Gotta keep on keepin on, right?

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