Wight Gain During the Holidays

The average American gains 5-10 pounds from Halloween to the New Year. When I read this I was not surprised. It is so common and acceptable to gain weight during the holidays. The holidays are full of delicious sweets and delicacies. So what to do? How to avoid weight gain? Some ideas that I have used in the past and will use this year are eating small meals or protein filled snacks before any large meal. Start everyday with a good workout (get your blood flowing and the calories burning). Try not to overeat. This could mean only having one plate and not going for seconds. If you do find yourself overeating- do not be hard on yourself, it happens. It just means that if you eat any more that day try to make it light and choose protein. For me it is always helpful to remember that your body is 70% what you eat. Choose healthy foods- protein, fiber, fruit, vegetables, and eat less sweets.

I will be posting more on how to stay healthy during the holidays so stay tuned!!




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