Politics are Affecting Health

I try to stay out of discussing politics on social media and even on my blog. Not because I do not think it is important, but because I understand everyone a right to their opinion. I want my social media and blog posts to be a safe place where people aren’t going to get offended or feel that I think little of them and/or their views. I could not help looking through my social media today and be shocked over all the negativity that is happening. It is so sad to me because we should feel safe about our views but we cannot do that when we post so passionately about them on social media. I keep thinking that all this discussion with politics is leading people to high blood pressure (when you argue or even when you feel frightened, your blood pressure rises). All the negativity that is going around needs to stop as well. This is affecting all of us, whether we are happy about the new president or not. Most importantly we are affecting our health. It may not be supper noticeable but check your thought process and how you are feeling.

So instead of posting “I am moving,” “afraid to be an American,” or “Make America great again,” post or think “I get to vote for my leaders every four years!” “I live in an amazing country!” and please pray for the leaders of this great nation because it is not an easy role. They will make mistakes, they will be hated and loved, but regardless making America great is our responsibility. If you do not like something- change it! It all starts with us-our own positive/negative energy. The president is not going to make America great-that is our job. Our job to not discriminate, to love everyone (if you cannot love them then respect them), do charity, be positive, and love this country.



2 thoughts on “Politics are Affecting Health

  1. I want to comment on every post/pin/tweet/status that is about this election. I truly do. The odd thing is that, for the first time in a very long time, I can not place my finger on what I should actually SAY. I can’t figure out what words will be helpful and will actually do justice to the gravity of what is happening. All I keep saying is “Is this f*cking real?”


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