How Can I Help Someone With an Eating Disorder???

Last minute/spur of the moment, my husband and his friends decided to drive to California because their voting ballots were lost in the mail. I decided to go with them and get dropped off at my parent’s house near St. George, UT. It has been so good being home! My older sister (by two years) does not work on Mondays, so we were able to spend all Monday together. I could not help but notice that she has lost weight-she is already really skinny. When she was in high school, she developed an eating disorder. She would skip meals. Being the younger sister, I also developed an eating disorder because heaven forbid I weigh more than her. After high school I figured that we both had grown out of it. I had mostly accepted my body type and weight (I am 5’7″ and my comfortable weight is around 130-135). My sister is 5’4″ and I accepted the fact that she would always weight less than me. She left for 18 months on a service mission and I remember writing her and her telling me that her biggest fear was gaining weight. I learned after she came home that she would force herself to throw up after big meals (purge). She came home weighing less than she had when she left.

Since then she has lost even more weight. I asked her yesterday how much she weighed, just out of curiosity, she hesitated and then said 113. I am pretty sure she lied and weighs less. I have no idea what to do. She does not look healthy. I was talking to my mom and we are both worried that she is still purging and restricting her calorie intake. I have no idea how to confront her. If any one has any ideas please PLEASE let me know.


7 thoughts on “How Can I Help Someone With an Eating Disorder???

  1. This is sad, and I see why you’re concerned. I really don’t know how you should handle it. Maybe you could be direct with her, asking how she’s feeling about her weight. Maybe she’d be relieved if you start talking about it, and maybe she’ll open up. Hope it goes well!


  2. Yikes. Am guessing you should have an honest and firm ( but supportive) chat with your sister. She is probably expecting it anyway. Just listen to her and love her. Then maybe get a referral from friends, family or family doctor. Good luck. You got this.


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