Small Steps to Being a Healthier You

Lately I have been noticing weight loss trends and fails. I feel that for a majority of people who are trying to build a healthier life-style and fall short is because they try to change everything at once (eating habits, exercise, limiting food intake…). By starting small, I feel that people would have more long term success. One small step could be by instead of drinking soda pop daily, only drinking soda pop a few times during the week and then getting to the point of eliminating it all together. Drinking more water, could be another small step (a glass in the morning and with every meal, or carrying a water bottle around). Moving your body! Maybe by taking short walks (20-30 mins) and working your way up gradually. Eating healthier by packing a lunch or snacks (cutting out fast food to only a few times a month or all together). Taking your vitamins! I personally love gummy vitamins, so it is easy to remember to take. Now I take the Herbalife multivitamin, Xtracal (extra calcium), and celluloss (to rebuild cells). It can be overwhelming when you want to change your life-style so start small. Remember it is not a race and the only persons you are competing with is yourself.


Till next time…

Peace and Blessings!! Oh and Happy Halloween!!!


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