Supporting Family in Their Fitness Goals

Today my husband and I were able to skype his bother (Josh and soon-to-be fiance) in Hawaii. It was so great talking to them. Josh’s soon-to-be-fiance, Kei, is wanting to lose 30 lbs by March (their weeding month). I was so excited to talk to them about good nutrition and Herbalife. The great thing about Herbalife is that there aren’t restrictions set. My advice to Kei was to replace one to two meals a day with a meal supplement shake and protein shake. I advised her to eat every three hours with high protein snacks (nuts, protein bars, banana with peanut butter…). Our other advice was to stop eating out (it sounded like their favorite places to eat are Taco-Bell and McDonald). Our next advice was to replace simple carbs (white bread, pasta..) with more complex carbs (wheat bread, brown rice,…). Then to exercise, especially when losing weight because exercise will help to tighten skin. When losing a substantial amount of wight there is going to be excess skin.

I love being able to give people advice and to support them in their fitness goals, especially when it comes to family. I know how great I feel (even being very pregnant) and I love sharing that with others. Awe life is good.


Peace and Blessings!!


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