Hydrate! Seriously Drink Some Water:6 benefits of drinking water

  1. Water is great for weight loss-how you ask? Water can replace high calorie drinks (soda, caffeine, juices…). I know for me, when I think I’m hungry at times, I am really just thirsty.
  2. Energy!!! When you are dehydrated you are going to lack energy so when you are drinking plenty of water-it’s safe to say you are going to have more energy.
  3. Have a headache? One side affect of dehydration is headache. So drink water!
  4. Help your kidneys! One way I know I haven’t been drinking enough is when my lower back (my kidneys) hurt.
  5. Healthy Skin (who doesn’t want beautiful skin?) drinking water can clear up your skin and assist in making you look fresh and glowing.
  6. Digestion…in order for our bodies to properly digest food, we need plenty of water.                                                                             I think it is safe to say that hydration is soooooo important. I also know how hard it is to drink the right amount (8 cups a day, 1 gallon) I’m pregnant remember-bathroom breaks can be really annoying. So when I wake up in the morning I drink a glass of water. After I workout I drink 1-2 glasses of water. Then throughout the day I carry a water bottle and make sure to fill it up once or twice. It can be tough but you owe it to your body to be healthy and feel good.

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