Reaching a Healthy Life-Style

When I decided I wanted to lose weight I knew that I was going to need a plan, but I did not know where to start. Lucky for me, I had Pinterest and a great Herbalife coach. My coach had me start my plan by asking me to keep a food journal- so basic but effective. I know for me recording what I eat is really annoying, but it was really nice to know what I am consuming (sometimes I really do not pay attention and find myself just putting food in my mouth-yikes). After recording my food intake for a week, I met back with my coach and we discussed how much weight I wanted to lose, where I wanted my BMI to be, and what I was going to do to reach my goals.

My goal at the time was to lose ten pounds ( I was currently at 145 and wanted to be at 135). My BMI goal was to get to 20% and at the time I was at 29% BMI. Remember when setting goals you want them to be attainable and it is good to set short term to long term goals.

I started reaching my goals by first coming up with a meal plan (I will get more in-depth with this in tomorrows post). Then I decided on a fitness plan (also something I will get into later). Third I wrote down my goals (lose 10lbs and 20% BMI) and placed them where I would see them everyday- I wrote them on my bathroom mirror. It took time, dedication, and commitment, but I reached my goal! At the time of this I was participating in a weight-loss challenge at my local Herbalife Nutrition Club. It felt so good to not only reach my goal, but to know that I had given it my all. The challenge was 12 weeks long and at the end I won. So not only did I feel and look great, I also won almost $300 bucks! Bonus! So whatever your goal for a healthier life-style is start now, and I promise the future you will be glad you did.


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