5 Reasons to excercise

From a young age I remember my parents always owned a treadmill and weights. My mom would (still does) set aside at least an hour a day dedicated to exercise. In middle school and high school I was so busy with sports that I did not set aside time to exercise. It wasn’t until my senior year that I saw the necessary need to exercise for my anxiety. Looking back now I can see that both my parents have anxiety and one way they have always kept their anxiety low was through exercise.

  1. Like my parents I have high levels of anxiety as well as being neurotic. Also like my parents I manage my anxiety by exercising. Sometimes it is only a 30 minute walk while other days I can dedicate an hour or more to cardio and weight training. I love practicing yoga because it allows me to release my stress by helping me to let go of the things I cannot control.
  2. Exercise helps me to feel better about myself. I have always struggled with self-esteem and self-love. When I exercise and press my body to its limits, I feel amazing (which could be thanks to endorphins).
  3. Endorphins! the body’s natural drug that is released when exercising. I know some people refer to endorphins as runner’s high-which explains how people can run marathons.
  4. My Family has a history of diabetes as well as high blood sugar. It has always been one of my fears to become a diabetic. As some say prevention is key. So I exercise and as a result it lowers my blood sugar.
  5. Finally, exercise keeps people looking and feeling younger. I know for me personally, I want to be that mom who plays with her kids because she can physically and has the energy to do so.

For me feeling good and looking good are very important.  here is an inspirational quote that I love<3

Image result for exercise quotes


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