I am a small town girl…OK really really small town (I am not even sure I can call Howe, ID a town). Once my junior year of high school came to an end, my family moved to Southern Utah where I soon became overwhelmed with a class size of about 380 students (I was coming from a class size of about 38). Moving was one of the best things to happen because I was given more opportunities to explore what and who I wanted to be. I soon discovered my love for psychology as well as entrepreneur. I knew by the time I graduated high school that I wanted to be my own boss as well as help people.

College was great! I started attending Dixie State University the summer after I graduated high school, I just could not wait! My first year I thought I wanted to major in music. I began by taking a number of music classes: music theory, ear training and sight singing, private piano lessons, group piano lessons, and guitar ensemble. I also started taking some general education classes and after I took psychology 1010, I decided once again I wanted to do something in psychology.

The beginning of my third semester I auditioned for a club on campus called Raging Red. Raging Red is the performing group at DSU. I learned during my auditions that the group would be going to China in the summer and immediately I decided I was going to go. Sadly I did not make the cut….but I signed up for a class by the director of the group and was able to go to China with Raging Red as a volunteer.

I re-auditioned to be in Raging Red the following fall semester and came back every semester until my last. I learned so much from the amazing people in the group as well as from the director. I also learned so much about myself and the person I wanted to be. Being apart of this group helped me connect with audience members as well as students or peers that we would teach (we would tour local schools and teach the kids there a dance number that they would later perform with us in our show).

Once I graduated college I felt that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I started by marrying my favorite person. After our honeymoon to Hawaii and moving back to Idaho (the one place I vowed to my 17 year-old-self not to come back to) reality started setting in. My spouse and me both struggled with finding jobs (Rexburg, the city we moved to, is small and not very many job opportunities). I soon became frustrated because I had just spent three years of my life getting a degree that was not getting me a job. So we both settled on working at call center for $8/hour.

This soon became exhausting, I hated answering the phone for eight hours and to only be making $8/hour?! This was ridiculous, even in high school I had made more than this. It was during this time that I rediscovered my passion for helping people. My second year at DSU I had discovered this amazing product called Herbalife, at the time I was more interested in buying the product than selling. But now I was hit with the realization that I could be my own boss, help people, and make money.

Since making this self-discovery I have quit my job and have decided to not only live a healthy life style, but to help others as well.


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